Audiovisual Support / Conferences & Permanent Installations

  • Video Projection (Projectors 1000-7000+ Lumens,
  • SD/HD)Computers/PrintersElectronic
  • Posters (ePosters)
  • Speakers
  • Microphones
  • Workstations of Congress Secretariat (Rental & Setup)
  • Technical Support

Video Recording & Live Streaming

  • Video Recording (SD & HD)
  • Editing, Coloring and Mixing
  • Live Internet Streaming of Events & Conferences
  • Satellite-internet Connections
  • TV Coverage (Reportage & trailer of your event)
  • Photo Coverage

VDL Barcode

The VDL Barcode attendance tracking system is a multi-functional online platform which allows you to track event participation based on a fully customisable schedule. It gives you a comprehensive overview of real-time event attendance as well as individual and global statistics concerning your participants.

VDL Voting

Powerful and simple, VDL offers a range of solutions for real-time polling in cooperation with Infowhyse products and software; let us transform your meeting into an interactive session.

Staging & Lighting

  • Lights
  • Active Congress System
  • Folding Projection Screens
  • Multiple Cameras Angles
  • Robotic Cameras
  • Production Design
  • Expert Technical Crew