VDL audiovisual specializes in providing a full range of audiovisual services for congresses, employing only pinnacle equipment and expert technical staff. Our company is based in Thessaloniki and Athens and supports events all over Greece and Europe.Thanks to a significant experience in scientific and professional meetings we are able to genuinely understand the needs of the congress secretariat, organizing committee and participants and offer high standard solutions and innovative ideas that will make your event not just run smoothly and professionally but also stand out from the rest.

TedX Thessaloniki 2010


Errikos Nikolaos Vidalis

General Manager

Carolos Antonios Vidalis

Non-Exec Advisor

Georgio Gkikas

Project manager

Sotiris stathopoulos

Project manager

Nikos Theodoridis

Technical – Operations manager

Michalis Gkiagkiaidis

AV technician

Dimitris Perontzis

AV technician

Themistoklis Pantzaridis

AV technician

Panagiotis Vairlis

AV technician

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